Coopwood Progressive Workshops & Developments, LLC


In a nation where speculations of money, health, poverty, and policy rank supreme in the conscience of the public mind, the most tragic and destructive display of human judgment is STILL that which conceals the absolute truth of a people.” This means that education in the 21st century must become refined with technologies, information and collaborations outside of traditional American educational values. They must be transformed by research and practices that celebrate the valor and contributions of all people, cultures and movements that have shaped the constructs for global atonement.

To transform in this way is to not conceal but to educate by giving all constituents the opportunity to revisit, reveal and relearn. To not transform in this way is to compromise the significance of education as a tool for global benefit thereby releasing the student and/or constituent of his/her civil duty and moral reason.

This is the Coopwood Progressive Workshops & Developments, LLC diversity philosophy and our foundation for impacting worldviews for the common good.